Basil-Olive Cake

A powerhouse of plant proteins

The filling of this cake is made of tofu, making it a real powerhouse of plant proteins. Throw in the nuts seeds for the bottom your dish cannot go wrong. Tofu in a pie? Yes, tofu has a very neutral taste, but it does provide that lovely creaminess. The agar agar ensures that the filling remains upright even after cutting. Agar agar is a seaweed (no worries, the cake does not get a fish taste) and can be used in the kitchen as a plantbased substitute for gelatin.

How do you get your proteins?

Proteins are important for maintaining your muscles. How much do you need and what are the best ways to get them? Wherever the strongest animals on earth get it from; plants! We will explain more about this in the Your 50 Days of Green Happiness books and we will give you many recipes to get you started.

As an appetizer, maincourse or snack

Nut allergy? Then replace the almond flour with oatmeal or buckwheat flour.

Nice in combination with a salad. When you eat this as a main meal, you probably want more than one piece of cake. And when you have a piece left, this is perfect as a snack or for lunch! This cake also works very well at parties. Cut small pieces and serve with a drink.

Use a blender or food processor to make the bottom and the filling. We use a high-speed blender from Bianco di Puro. For the bottom, we put this on the "nuts" program. We grind the filling nicely on the program "green smoothie" which we let run for half the time (then its fine enough).

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