Black sesame cakes

Warning: addictive!

These creamy power tartlets are packed with calcium, essential amino acids, iron and magnesium. They get their spectacular black color through the black sesame seeds that we use. These black seeds have a somewhat richer and nuttier taste than the white variant.

More calcium and iron than in milk and meat

Sesame seeds are full of calcium (900 mg per 100 g). There is even more in them than in a glass of cow's milk. In addition, it is bursting with protein, iron (15 mg per 100 g, which is 5x more than in red meat!) and magnesium.

In this recipe we grind the sesame seeds into a paste (tahini). Because it is finely ground, your body can absorb the minerals more easily. We like to use tahini in dressings and dips because it provides such a creamy structure. And because this way you can easily benefit from all the positive health effects of these power seeds.

We do not bake these cakes, which means that all nutrients and enzymes are retained to the maximum so they become extra powerful.

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