Chocolate Praline Cake

Gluten-free, vegan and rich in nutrients

Getting hungry just looking at the picture? Just wait until you can grab a bite … Pure soft chocolate filling and yes really, guilt free! Where most traditional chocolate cakes are full of butter and sugar, this filling is made from avocado. Still high in calories, but full of good fatty acids from unprocessed whole plants (avocado). And you need those essential fatty acids for good hormone balance and a soft, supple skin. Come here with that chocolate cake!

Do you have anything left of the bottom? Make cookies! You can also use the filling to spread over the cookies as a topping later or make a sandwich cookie by sticking another cookie on top of the layer of chocolate filling.

Want more?

More of these kinda recipes? In our Your 50 Days of Green Happiness winterbook we have a whole Bakery Special (in other words; cakes and cookie cookbook), because we couldn't resist it. These types of cakes are just too tasty! And nice to make. Cruelty free and with ingredients that really makes your body happy.

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