Corona virus - strengthen your immune system

Help how do I not get sick

We can't get around it anymore, everywhere we hear the Corona virus. You only have to cough and the alarm bells ring. Help, how do I not get sick !? We don't believe you can do anything that will ensure you're never getting sick again. But there are certainly things that can make your immune system stronger. One of the first things we noticed ourselves when we started living healthier and eating more plant-based was that we got sick less often. Walking around all winter with a runny nose and getting hit by the flu every year, that is no longer the case. Our mission with The Green Happiness has been from the beginning to help our (and your) body to stay healthy for as long as possible. And it still is!

What we need is an immune system that responds in time and is strong enough to trigger an immune response when pathogens, bacteria and viruses enter our body.

This is what you can do

Eating healthy is not a magic pill, but it does help strengthen your immune system! And without all the scare, this is what we probably all agree on; that is now extra important. That's why we share here our favorite ways to strengthen your immunity. In an effective (and at the same time tasty) way.

  • Adequate rest. Maybe an open door, but rest is crucial for your immune system. Several short nights in a row and you catch a flu or a cold. You can also take a rest by meditating, taking a walk through the forest or going to a (yin) yoga class instead of another intensive workout.
  • Cold showering. The ice baths in combination with a certain breathing technique what has made Wim Hof ​​so popular has a proven immune system strengthening effect. Now you don't have to load your bath with ice cubes every day. But taking a cold shower or end your hot shower with a minute of cold is an effective way!
  • Wash hands. Wash hands after urinating. That which your mother may have said to you when you were little. But now really take that to heart, not only with a little water but also with soap. Because a lot is passed on through bacteria on the hands and door handles.
  • Extra vitamins and minerals. The nutrients for your cells to strengthen the immune system. Stock up on extra kiwis and oranges. But also more often use green (leaf) vegetables in your dishes and mushrooms. The more fresh raw ingredients you can add to your diet, the less the unhealthy snacks and saturated fats can throw a spanner in the works.
  • Healthy gut flora. An important part of your immune system comes from your intestines. By building a breeding ground for the good intestinal bacteria (pre-biotics from fruit and vegetables, among others) you can improve your intestinal health. Take good probiotics to support this extra.

More fruits & veggies to make your immune system stronger

I recently received an article that wrote about a study that showed that in Holland people eat vegetables for breakfast and lunch the least often. So limited to the evening meal and even that to a limited extent, because the average Dutchie only gets 131 grams of vegetables in a day! Fruit and vegetables, that is where we find the valuable micronutrients, including vitamins and minerals. That's what makes your immune system happy. An opportunity for a healthy upgrade.

How does that taste good, vegetables with your breakfast? Make no mistake a grated carrot through your oatmeal can turn it into a carrot cake. Beetroot not only makes your oatmeal iron-rich and a beautiful pink, but also nice and sweet. And you hardly taste grated zucchini. Try this oats with red beet or green oats with zucchini.

Another favorite way to get more vegetables during the day is to make green smoothies! Real vitamin bombs to which you can also easily add a green superfood powder. Think of chlorella, spirulina, moringa, barley grass juice powder or a mix in a Green Juice powder. You can have tasty smoothie recipes here.

Strengthen your immune system and improve your health

By just eating an extra piece of fruit or drinking a green smoothie doesn't get you very far. You will get the most benefit when you can integrate healthy habits into your life. We also know from our own experience that this does not happen overnight. That is why we have made books with weekly menus and a lot of information to take with you. If we have can get from taking naps in the middle of the day and having a runny nose every winter to being energetic and rarely sick, then you can too!

Delicious vegetable recipes full of fresh raw ingredients can be found in our Your 50 Days of Green Happiness books. With 50 daily menus including shopping lists, we give you the tools to give your diet a healthy upgrade step by step. Start now and strengthen your immune system!

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