Daily Detox tips

Your daily tools for extra energy and beauty from within

No expensive superfoods or pills, you can find everything at the local supermarket. This inspiration series of five tools will ensure that you'll feel energized. These are tools that allow you to lean back with confidence while your body itself becomes more balanced, ensures that glow on your skin, your hair becomes stronger and longer and your immunity is strengthened. Oh and at the same time you take good care of nature and animals, and that is just one of the side effects. So keep on reading!

We believe that nutrition is the basis. You do not always have an influence on what influences your health. Kids who keep you awake at night, a loved one who dies or stressful deadlines at work … But at least you can influence what you eat! Every day, with every meal, with every bite. Our cells are built from what we eat. Your hair, your nails, your skin, your organs, your body needs nutrients for everything. You have probably already experienced that after a long Christmas dinner or a visit to the snack bar you feel different then when you just had a healthy light meal. Which meal you choose, what bite you take influences how your body functions, how it looks and how you feel.

What is the food that makes you feel so radiant and energetic?

It sometimes seems as if everyone has a different opinion about this. Not surprising because everyone is different, everyone is unique and for everyone fits something slightly different. But if we look closer, we see that the basis is not that different from each other. Whether we look at what the World Health Organisation advises, or on what the paleo diet is based on, or Ayurveda and other traditional Eastern eating habits.

It is therefore nothing new that we tell you. At most we have given it a new look. And made it a bit attractive so that you really drawn to eating healthy. Just chewing a leaf of lettuce, even if it would make you young and happy, we don't like that. Life must remain fun right?

This basis consists of fresh unprocessed products, as much veggies as possible. What you also see reflected in almost all (natural) dietary advice and traditional eating habits is a form of detox. Detox means nothing more than providing the body with as many nutrients as possible in as easily absorbable form. While at the same time you limit the flow of harmful substances that can enter the body as much as possible.

So detox it is

Yes, your body detox every day, it has ingenious mechanisms for that. We have a liver and kidneys that are constantly busy cleansing, but also intestines and skin that removes waste. But by being aware of what enters your body you can ensure that your body does not have to work too hard again and again to function normally. Freeing up energy that can be used for things like (overdue) maintenance, renewal and repair. For your body, making your nails strong and letting your hair shine may be less important than bringing nutrients to your bones and ensuring that your organs are functioning properly. But we do like it when energy goes to these places. You don't have to do an extreme detox treatment for that. We will also not preach that you will never be allowed to eat unhealthy or party again. But by consistently applying a number of tools in your lifestyle and your eating habits, you can have the positive effects of such a detox on a daily basis.

Follow our 7 day detox program with light meals, filling smoothies, warm soups and healthy snacks. The perfect kickstart to a healthier eating pattern and the way to safely remove waste while getting a maximum amount of new vitamins and minerals.

The Green Happiness Daily Detox:

Daily Detox tip #1: Hydrate

Maybe an obvious one, but too important not to mention. Your cells need water! For energy, but also to be able to safely dispose waste. So we cannot say it often enough: drink enough water! And eat foods that contain water (vegetables and fruit).

Start your day with at least half a liter of water (2 big glasses). At night the body is busy repairing and renewing. Waste is released, which collects in the intestines. You do not want those digested food residues and waste products to stay there in the (warm) intestines for a very long time, because then those waste materials can get back into the bloodstream. The best way to dispose of them is through the faeces (toilet visit). To put those intestines into action, it first needs moisture (water)!

And then your intestines need fiber. One of the reasons that we are such a fan of green smoothies at the start of the day! This is one of the easiest ways to get an extra portion of vegetables in every day. And with that a huge dose of vitamins and minerals. A green smoothie is ideal to start your day and to start your body and intestines in a easy way. But also great in the afternoon as a snack for an energy boost and to combat sweet cravings. Inspired to drink more smoothies? Try these new smoothie combinations.

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