Daily Detox Tips: Healthy Gut

In this series we present five practical tools that will help you to release more energy. To support your body in the amazing processes it performs and to ensure that energy can be spent on your immune system, to grow your hair and strengthen your nails.

We will maximize your intake of valuable nutrients, we help your body absorb this while at the same time minimizing the amount of waste. In short: your daily detox! You are probably already working with Daily Detox tip # 1. This is Daily Detox tip # 2 and # 3. The ones which thousands of Green Happiness followers owe their success to. Here they come:

Daily Detox tip #2: Mother Nature Knows Best

In nature, food already comes in the perfect package. In the right composition and combination of various minerals, vitamins, trace elements and bio-flavonoids that are perfect for your body to absorb. The antioxidant effect of vitamin C is many times stronger in an entire fruit than in the isolated (synthetic) form.

Make fresh fruit and vegetables your number one choice as a snack.

And when you're tired of the apples and pears, just check what else you can do with it. We do have a few ideas.

Fill half of your plate with fresh vegetables or fruit. With every meal.

This way you get a lot of fiber in and water that helps to remove waste. At the same time you maximize the intake of antioxidants and minerals such as iron, magnesium and zinc that are so important for the health of your cells, radiant skin and strong nails.

Add these top detoxifiers to your meal as often as possible:

Celery, parsley, coriander & seaweeds. These help with the removal of heavy metals. Heavy metals that you can get from food (from a can), but also from eating fish, metal that ends up in tap water or gets into the body through cosmetic products. Viruses feed on these metals, same as (the not so good) bacteria feed on refined sugars.

Follow our 7 day detox program with light meals, filling smoothies, warm soups and healthy snacks. The perfect kickstart to a healthier eating pattern and the way to safely remove waste while getting a maximum amount of new vitamins and minerals.

Daily Detox tip #3: Nurture your gut

The intestines are a mini-ecosystem in itself. The surface is immense and the place where billions of bacteria live. The intestines are an important part of the digestive process. The healthier the intestines, the better food can be digested and nutrients can enter the blood stream through the intestinal wall and then be transported to the cells. The intestines also play a major role in the immune system and substances such as serotonin (lucky hormone) are produced here.

Basically everything we mentioned before is important for a good intestinal flora:

  • water
  • fiber
  • green food

Processed foods, refined sugars, trans- and saturated fats are a party for the "bad" intestinal bacteria and viruses. There is always a combination of "good" and "bad" bacteria in your gut. You need both for a balanced healthy intestinal flora. It will only cause problems when you have too much of the not so good bacteria. It's not like that you can never open a bag of chips, a bottle of wine or a pack of cookies again. But by always leaning towards more unprocessed fresh food this can translate into a healthy intestinal flora. One of the most heard feedback about the daily menus from Your 50 Days of Green Happiness is that bloating and embarrassing gas have become so much less. And that is largely due to the better composition of the intestinal flora!

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