DIY: All Purpose cleaning spray

Cheap, easy and it smells só good!

I really don't like cleaning, but suddenly I went through the entire house with this spray.

You can make a very effective all-purpose cleaner from just a few ingredients. It always seemed like a lot of hassle to me and I was afraid it would not work properly. If you think so too; think again! I had this spray ready in literally 5 minutes. I have never had such a cheap natural cleaning product at home. You can choose the essential oil scents. Make sure you go for a 100% pure oil so that you do not get any chemicals. We only use doTERRA oils.

Essential oils

The OnGuard blend is a mix of, among other things, cloves, cinnamon and wild orange. It has bactericidal properties and therefore works great in detergent or in the diffuser (especially when people with a runny nose are walking around). The Purify blend is a mix of different citrus oils that all have a cleansing capacity and smells wonderfully fresh.

Tip: put this blend of oils on the diffuser and your house will smell wonderfully fresh and clean. And at the same time you actually kill germs and bacteria in the air.

Learn more about oils

Order oils to be able to make this kind of easy DIY products? Read more here, send me a message or come to a free workshop! The glass spray bottle I bought at

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