Glutenfree Cinnamon Buns

Great as a or for brunch

The classic, but than a tid bit healthier ánd totally plant-based. The perfect treat for your weekendbrunch or great buns to enjoy the whole week.

The cashew glaze makes these sandwiches a sweet treat. If you want to keep it simpler, you can also use some almond yogurt instead. And do you have frosting left? Add some extra water, blend briefly and you have a delicious cashew milk that you can use with smoothies, oatmeal or warm up and drink as (chai) latte.

To make the cashew cream really nice and creamy, use a powerful (preferably high-speed) blender. We used the high speed blender from Bianco di Puro and then first put it on the "nuts" program. Then continue for a bit on the ‘green smoothie’ program.

If you manage to keep a few buns, they are still delicious the next day! Perfect as breakfast or as a snack.

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