Green Tea Matcha Smoothie

A green smootie a day...

This is a recipe from the Green Happiness Detox book! A 7 day plan with light meals, filling smoothies, warm soups and healthy snacks. To feed your body with as many nutrients as possible while at the same time giving it a break so that it can get rid of accumulated waste. We have also recorded all the recipes from the book on video (there are 35!). We also explain everything on video about detoxes, useful tips and we motivate you during the detox days. Need a reset or kickstart to a healthier diet? Start your detox immediately!

Matcha is a green tea where you not only use the tea leaves to soak, but actually use the whole tea leaves (dried and crushed). From the powder that you get, you make a tea, latte or, for example, this smoothie. This way you get even more antioxidants and it gives you a healthy energy boost. Instead of matcha powder you can also buy match-green tea in a bag and use it.

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