Immune Boosting Rawnola

With essential oils

This rawnola is delicious over a smoothie bowl, (banana) icecream, as cereal in your bowl of coconut yogurt or almond milk. But you can also make balls for a great snack! Vegan, gluten-free and without refined sugars. But enormously rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and slow carbohydrates.

What gives this rawnola extra immuneboosting properties are the essential oils that we use! You can't just use every brand of essential oils, because they are not all tested extensively for quality and toxic substances. We are completely in love with the oils from doTERRA. Do you want to learn more about essential oils and how you can use them safely as a natural first aid kit and non-toxic beauty? Then come to a free workshop or send us a message!

Immune boosting qualities

OnGuard is a blend specially formulated for strengthening the immune system. The spicy mix of wild orange, cinnamon and cloves not only works well as an antioxidant and for immunity, it also tastes great in dishes! You can add a drop to your oatmeal, put it through an almond latte or through this rawnola! We also use the OnGuard if we have a sore throat (one drop under your tongue and you immediately notice a difference!) And every morning a drop under our feet.

Lemon has cleansing properties. It supports the liver in the disposal of waste. We put a drop of this oil in a glass of water every morning. In this rawnola it gives a fresh taste.

Ginger works well for digestion, among other things. You can put a drop in a glass of tea, through your oatmeal breakfast, but it is also delicious in this rawnola.

Essential oils can actually enter the cells because our body recognizes it as the body's own. That makes them super effective! The oils are very concentrated (for a 15-ml bottle of Lemon, 1 kg of lemons is needed), so take it easy with the oil. Too much can really be dominant in a dish. So taste first before adding more drops.

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