Extra Beneficial Apples

With On Guard essential oil

You already know that fruit and vegetables help to strengthen your immune system. Make your apple an extra immune supporter by adding a drop of On Guard essential oil to it.

On Guard is an essential oil blend from doTERRA. A spicy mix of Wild Orange, Cinnamon and Clove. This blend helps to support the immune system. Essential oils are the aromatic compounds of a plant. They can be super effective in supporting your health with just a few drops, because essential oils are highly concentrated and can penetrate the cell membrane.

Always be careful not to just take every essential oil and certainly not in large quantities. Look at the origin of the oil and look for evidence that your oil is actually 100% pure essential oil without synthetic additives. For this reason, we only use doTERRA oils, especially for internal use. Each batch of oil is extensively tested and the oils are obtained sustainably and organically. You can learn more about essential oils in an Introduction Masterclass and order essential oils online here.

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