Japanese Tempé Bowl

Favourite proteinsource

Tempé is a favorite protein source of ours because it gives a nice solid bite. Marinate briefly and put it in the oven, you'll love it! Tempé is not only our favorite, but also a from many men we know. I guess it's because when you marinate it nicely it gives a strong flavour and bite to your dish and it is also a super source of protein.

You can also fry the tempé and shiitake mushrooms in a frying pan if you want to be a little faster. The marinade can make it stick to the pan and burn. To prevent this, you can first fry the tempé and shiitake until they are golden brown and then stir into the marinade.

You have all kinds of noodles nowadays. And we don't just mean the egg and rice noodles. Have you ever tried sweet potato, seaweed or black rice noodles? We use buckwheat noodles (also called sobanoodles), the traditional Japanese noodles that are not only very tasty, but also easy to digest and ready in no time!

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