Matcha-Coconut Bars

I love you so matcha

Imagine yourself on a tropical bounty island with these matcha-coconut bars. Coconut, chocolate, matcha & passion fruit, all in one recipe, can it get any better?

Matcha is a green tea with an enormous amount of antioxidants (137x more than in regular green tea). You use the whole leaf (crushed), which means that you get a huge amount of nutrients (including calcium, potassium and iron), chlorophyll (energy booster) and antioxidants with only a small amount. You can drink matcha as tea, but you can also use it very well in smoothies, muffins or other baking goods. It gives these coconut bars that amazing bright green color!

You can make these chocolate bars in no time, the only patience you need if for the freezer. They are best when the filling is really hard and cold before you pour the chocolate over it.

When you use a chocolate bar made from raw cacao, this bar becomes an even more powerful antioxidant bomb. You can use very pure chocolate, but there are also raw chocolate bars with (rice) milk that you can choose from. Raw chocolate is seen in the Mayan cultures as a true heart opener. Cocoa is symbolic of connecting to Mother Earth, the universe from which you can open your heart. It stands for fertility and "abundance." Worth a special moment to eat these!

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