Mushroom presents

A present to eat

How lovely are these packages? They are just like small presents that you can eat! You can put anything in these packages and the moisture you add (and is released from the vegetables) steams the meal ready. Couscous (which is ready in no time) is therefore perfect to use. If you want to make this dish gluten-free, you could use quinoa, for example, but it might be useful to cook it in advance.

We fill the packages with a lot of mushrooms. Flavored with olives, thyme, miso and some walnuts over it for the essential fatty acids (#brainfood).


Oyster mushrooms and shiitake mushrooms do not grow on the ground but on tree stumps. Mushrooms are not only a valuable source of protein, they are also praised for their many health-promoting properties. And especially mushrooms such as shiitake, oyster mushrooms, but also the lesser-known species such as reishi, maiitake and chaga. They strengthen the immune system and have an antibacterial effect. You can often get the last three as a powder and, for example, use it in a latte or drink it as tea.

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