Persimmon breakfast cakes

Yes, breakfast!

These persimmon breakfast cakes can prove that cake can be a healthy breakfast! Oatmeal, yogurt & fruit, that's all it really is. The vanilla yogurt in combination with the warm persimmon gives these tartlets a sweet autumnal touch. And the smell of baked oatmeal fills the entire kitchen when the cake bottoms are in the oven. Let that late Sunday brunch start!

Tip: if you want to store the cakes for the next day, store the parts (bottom, filling and topping) separately in the refrigerator and only fill them just before serving. Then they stay extra tasty!

Don't have much time? You don't have to bake the bottom of cakes (saving time) and baking the persimmon is nice, but not necessary. So with some minor adjustments you have a cake in front of you within fifteen minutes.

Want cake for breakfast more often?

We love that! And we want to show you that it can be very healthy too. The starting point in the Your 50 Days of Green Happiness books for was: good food! But at the same time take good care of your body. So that you can stay energized, healthy, fit and radiant for as long as possible. And that is possible with cake for breakfast. We are happy to let you experience it too.

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