Pink Oats

Beautiful pink from the red beets

Beetroot in your oatmeal … yikes? No worries: it is super tasty and makes your oatmeal nice and sweet! Immediately make a double portion so you will be ready faster tomorrow morning. Secretly it is even better the next day because the flavors can get into the oats.

Instead of water, you can also make oatmeal with plant-based milk, such as (rice-) coconut milk or oat milk. You can finish the oatmeal with fresh fruit. Think of blackberries, fresh figs, mandarin, berries and coconut flakes.

This recipe is from the Your 50 Days of Green Happiness winter book. We have made this book to give you a handbook and useful tools to get you off to a healthy start with a plant-based lifestyle. All recipes are carefully composed to provide your body with the most nutrients. We explain which vitamins you should pay attention to, how you calculate your personal energy needs and adjust recipes accordingly. And we have 50 complete daily menus for you including shopping lists!

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