Power Oats

With lots of berries

This oatmeal breakfast is perfect as a post-workout breakfast or lunch after an intensive workout and super easy to take with you in a glass jar or container to your gym for example. Full of good carbohydrates to replenish your glycogen reserves, proteins for a good recovery of your muscles and antioxidants to prevent free-radical formation in your body.

You can cook your oatmeal, but an overnight oats saves you a lot of time, you can easily prep and is also super tasty!

You have many different types of plantbased milk (you can also find more and more in the "regular" supermarkets, YAY). Some contain more proteins than the other. Always check the ingredients on the back of the package. Instead, opt for an unsweetened variety (you can always make your dish sweeter yourself by adding a date or some fruit). We always make sure that the milk is as pure as possible, so without too many additives.

In the Rock Your Body book we have many more power dishes that fit perfectly if you have an active and sporty life.

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