Quinoa Sushi Rolls

Quinoa: a true superfood

We use it often as grains or rice, but actually quinoa is a seed. It contains a lot of vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids. They already knew that in Peru, where it's a staple food. You can get different variaties, a white, red or black quinoa.

And you can use it in all kinds of ways. Use it instead of oatmeal or rice for a sweet breakfast. Cook it in almond milk and add cinnamon and fruit. Use the quinoa for a salad or instead of rice with a curry. Or make these sushi rolls!

You can fill the sushi with anything you like or have in the fridge. We have now opted for sweet mango, creamy avocado and sweet bell pepper. But you can also go for fried tempé with mushrooms and avocado.

Sushi fan? In our Your 50 Days of Green Happiness winter book you will also find a sushi burger and even a sushi donut! Uhh we do like sushi yes :) And good food.

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