Roasted cauliflower

Centerpiece on the table

On the face of it, it may seem that we have served a chicken from the oven. But of course we don't have that! This is perhaps even better (and extra tasty because it is cruelty free). This is a roasted cauliflower with a delicious sauce. Believe us, you're gonna love this!

We want to create meals that give you extra vegetables and an enormous amount of nutrients. Not a lifeless, heavy or bloated feeling after eating. Not even if it is an extensive dinner with several courses or a comfort meal. Something like a whole roast chicken from the oven is really a tradition meal. We immediately see a film scene in front of us with a cozy table full of family and friends. But what do you serve this time? A roasted cauliflower from the oven! This dish is a lot easier than it looks and it tastes so good. Believe us, this will be one of your new favorite dishes.

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