Seriously Green Smoothie

Because sometimes you need a green smoothie

And then really a green one. With only vegetables. This is for the green pros, the daredevils and the veggie lovers. This is for when you need an immune boost, a hangover cure or just need veggies. And then not in a salad, but liquid, because then you get much more.

Liquid salad

We think this is a great smoothie to be sure that we get our vegetables. A lifesaver if you eat somewhere where the vegetable portions may not be too large. Admittedly quite frankly, you may not like it the first time (we were not a fan either directly because it is really a veggie smoothie), but you will get used to the taste. And probably also really appreciate it. Certainly when you know (and experience) what magic power this smoothie possesses.

Detox, minerals, energy

The Seriously Green Smoothie helps with your detox. It supplements the mineral reserves in your body. What is needed to combat muscle pain, to keep your skin, hair and nails strong. It is actually good for everything. Perfect to start the day with (followed by a piece of fruit or oatmeal). But also perfect as a snack in between. Especially at that moment when you actually want to grab a cup of coffee. Believe us, this will make your body very happy. An energy boost, but no borrowed energy (such as caffeine), so you don't have to surrender anything at a different time. After this you will no longer feel an excuse to start that workout.You're UP!

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