Shortbread Heaven

A snack that makes everybody happy!

*Drool *. Getting hungry just by looking at this photo? (We can hardly imagine you don't). And if not, I am sure you will after reading the ingredients. Did someone say maple syrup, dates and almond paste? Yep, Shortbread Heaven is really heaven for the sweet tooths among us. Make a lot of them right away and keep them in the fridge. Or share...

We use chickpeas in the dough. They give the dough a cookie dough-like taste and smoothness. At the same time they provide extra proteins in this recipe and you also have all the good nutrients from legumes again.

Because this recipe was such a huge success among many people, we also have delicious (healthy) snacks with chocolate in our Your 50 Days of Green Happiness books. What about bounty lollipops or caramel bars (read: twix chocolate bars). And yes, that can fit in perfectly with your healthy daily menu that makes your body slimmer and you feeling more energetic!

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