Skin Food Beauty Balls

Getting prettier by eating chocolate

Eating chocolate and at the same time working on a soft and radiant skin? We like that combo! So read on and discover which ingredients make this true Beauty Balls.

  • Brazil nuts are packed with essential minerals, among other things. Selenium, for example, stimulates skin elasticity and zinc naturally reduces skin redness and helps with the production of collagen.
  • Coconut has a natural antibacterial effect and contains the antioxidant vitamin E.
  • Cocoa is really a happy ingredient that will make you glow. In addition, it is heart opening. I bet that gratitude will flow through your veins.

When skin problems stay persistent, several factors can be of influence. Nutrition is one of those and we have experienced in ourselves, but also in many of our clients, that adjusting a number of triggers in the diet can make a huge difference! Do you want to know more about that? Then read our Your 50 Days of Green Happiness books. In it, we not only provide background information, but also useful tips and recipes to get started right away.

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