Stuffed paprika monsters

Hello Frankenstein Monsters

Planning for Halloween or a children's party (or just an adult party)? Of course you can make normal stuffed peppers but how scary are those Jack O ’Lanterns and Monsters from Frankenstein!

But even if it isn't for Halloween you can stuff your peppers! You can also use other vegetables, such as zucchini pieces or tomatoes. Hollow out the vegetables and use that filling through the mixture with which you then fill the veggies again. Also extra nice if you have guests or to take with you for a potluck dinner.

Fun for the kids, but just as fun for adults!

Instead of quinoa you can also choose couscous or bulger. Please note, these are not gluten-free, but they are ready super quick. Look for peppers with a fairly blunt bottom so they can stand on their own. Or carefully slice a piece off the bottom.

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