Vegan French Toast

Perfect for the weekend

French toast, or how we say in Dutch; wentelteefjes! You normally make them with eggs and milk. The vegan variation? For this you simply use plantbased milk, for example oat milk, almond milk or soy milk. You don't have to add an egg to get the same kinda thing. In order to get that bit of eggy taste, we add some chickpea flour and nutritional yeast flakes to the milk.

Do not buy sliced ​​bread for this dish, but a whole one from which you can cut tasty thick slices yourself. Your slices will then fall apart less quickly after you dip them in the milk. When the bread is a bit old, it is a little more robust and therefore even more suitable to make this dish.

Your could do this with any type of bread you want. Really fancy a special treat? Then get (vegan) croissants and use them to make the French toast. You can then cut them open to fill with coconut yogurt and raspberries.

French toast was Linda's favorite breakfast and helped her to drop 9 kg with the Your 50 Days Green Happiness program. She made the French Coconut Kiss from the winter book for many days. Lose weight and still eat this kind of breakfast? It is possible!

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