Veggie Protein Bowl

Healthy buddha bowl rich in essential amino acids

The perfect meal to get lots of green proteins. A good one for after exercise or after a long (work) day. The basis of the meal are lentils, supplemented with a lot of (green) veggies. And no worries if you have not exercised, then this dish is still great. Everyone needs proteins. This meal is low in fat and contains a lot of minerals! Need more energy? Then increase the amount of lentils in the dish.

Pappadums are light crackers that are served with Indian dishes. They are made from lentil flour and you can make them yourself, but they also sell them ready-made at the supermarket. They are gluten-free and also delicious as a snack!

Tip: Make some extra pea spread because this is also delicious as a sandwich spread, dip for vegetables or as a salad dressing.

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