Your smoothie stays fresh longer - everything about the vacuum pump

The new thing in kitchenworld:

The vacuum blender! And ho wait, before you immediately click away because you think "yeah buyyy I just bought a very expensive high-speed blender"; you don't have to buy a new blender for this! We have a vacuum pump for you, much better. And the good news is that it fits both the Wartmann blender ánd also the Bianco di Puro blender. And there are drinkingbottles. And you also get vacuum bags.

Okay back to the beginning, what's this new thing? This is what the vacuum pump does:

  • You slow down the oxidation process.
  • The taste of your smoothie (soup or sauce) becomes more intense, fuller and longer fresh.
  • The color stays brighter.
  • You keep more nutrients.
  • Will your smoothies, soups and sauces last longer.

When you cut or blend ingredients, a larger area comes into contact with oxygen. You know, that process that makes your sliced apple turn brown. That is also the reason that when you prepare a smoothie you cannot keep it fresh for longer than a few days and you can't avoid that some nutrients are getting lost. But not anymore! Or well, of course always a bit, but you will notice that the taste of your smoothie (or sauce or soup) is fuller in taste and that it stays fresh for so much longer. You can also see that there are fewer bubbles in your smoothie and that the color stays fresher. This pump therefore helps you to prep up more easily to keep on track with your healthy habits.

This is how it works:
You place the pump with a special cap on the blender jar, where you just put all your soup or smoothie ingredients in (or on the drinking cup). In a few seconds, all the air is extracted from the jug. Then turn on the blender.

Another thing that will make you very happy as a (new) prep queen: with the pump you get special vacuum bags. You can put sliced vegetables or fruit in it (for example for your smoothie, soup or other meal that you want to prepare later), you pump out the air and keep it in the fridge. Where it stays fresh for much longer and therefore you have your healthy meal on the table in no time.

Order your vacuum pump here.

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